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Armand/Armandiel is one of the Fallen Angels who serve Temozarela. He is one of the three who rescue a burnt Temozarela from the Domas Porada. He is depicted as a handsome, almost effeminate young man with long, straight hair, wearing 19th century formal wear, including a tophat, an enormous wing-collar cape, and an elaborate waistcoat.

He first appears to give Jarbilong his orders and advice on how to fight Ivan Isaacs and Belial, also later appearing on top of a cliff seemingly happy at Jarbilong's defeat and commenting how this was a good thing. Possibly the most powerful of the Fallen Angels, especially considering his status of High Priest in Temozarela's Black Sabbath, he is able to dispatch Ivan with ease with his rapier. He also is able to distract opponents with roses and the folds of his cape. Though he initially is Ivan's ally in destroying Achmode, he later delivers a debilitating wound to Ivan that not even Belial is able to heal. He appears to have a somewhat disdainful opinion of Netraphim, calling her a "hypocrite."

It is revealed later during the war with Lucifer, Netraphim wandered the battlefield and supposedly carried him to safety. He visits her corpse to begin the plague in Windtale.

Armand debut

Armand saves Temozaraela.

Armand kills achmode

Armand kills Achmode.

Armand eats achmode

Armand eats Achmode and warns Ivan his pilgrimage is not over yet.