Father Antoine is another possible leader of The Order of St. Vertinez. Father Antoine has a marine style haircut and has a hook instead of his left hand. During the experiments with Dr. Gerard to create supersoldiers for the Church, the experimental drugs made his left hand useless and deformed. He had it cut off and replaced it with an artificial one which could use various weapons like a Swiss army knife. He was held in the same asylum as Father Joshua and Brother Baston, being the second priest to survive out of all the rest before being recruited by Father Raul Piestro.

He is first seen praying with Father Joshua, and joins him in fighting Cairo. In the battle, knives are thrown into his forehead and chest, and he is presumed dead. Later in the battle however, he returns to fight, the wounds affecting him not at all. Antione then kills Cairo and rejoins the battle. The regeneration seems to be the effects of the asylum's experiments which gave him super-regenerative capabilities.

During the battle of Windtale, he clashes with a chief Indian, his hook now replaced with a crucifix shaped blade which can extend itself.