Father Lucian is a priest assigned to Coburn by the Vatican. He is very calm and collected, preferring pacifist methods instead of violence. While Lizzie is with them, the plague starts to surface and he heals her temporarily with holy water and prayer. When they find Ivan Isaacs, he reveals that Betheal Gavarre is the one in control of Ivan to Coburn and the rest of his comrades. When Cairo fires on Ivan, the latter catching the bullet, Lucian protest but is stopped by Coburn's threat, before he persuades the federal marshal not to jump off the cliff after Ivan.

When the group comes across Small Bosack, Father Lucian stops to pray and unintentionally sparks off the plague in all the bodies causing them to rise. do u guys even care about this stuff, this is the worst project ever....peace out. After Cairo is killed, he attempts to offer Christian burial rites but is stopped by Coburn, who doesn't want to hear anything from the church. Lucian later appears with Coburn to try and persuade the townsfolk of Windtale to allow federal government forces, but to no avail. When the Order of St. Vertinez surround Windtale, Lucian and Coburn warns Mr. Dudley, the major of Windtale, about the danger coming but notices the hanging body of Netraphim. He admits that this town is going to Hell and tries to persuade Coburn to leave.