Nameless Bandaged Angel Edit

Bandaged angel 1

This Nameless Bandaged Angel is seen during the events of Ivan's fall from grace. Once Gena had been murdered, and the Domas Paroda opened, a man arrived swathed in bandages bearing a lantern and a staff tipped with the symbol 'II'. The staff secretes a fluid that releases the zombies. The dead eventually try to devour Gena before Ivan destroys them. After this, the figure's lantern shatters setting fire to the graveyard and the mansion. He walks away prophesying 'Ivan Isaacs, we will meet again one day.' As the 'II' symbol occupies a space on Temozarela's circle (seen often relating to the demise of Jarbilong and Archmode) it is possible this man is another Fallen Angel or servant of Temozarela.

Bandaged angel 3

The Nameless Bandaged Angel secretes the zombie pathogen into the graveyard.

Bandaged angel 2

The Nameless Bandaged Angel says that he will meet Ivan again one day.