Nera in her human form.

Netraphim's human gypsy form/alias "Nera".

Netraphim is another of the Fallen Angels who looks like a young woman and is accompanied by Bendo, a giant wolf she gave life to after he and his pack were killed. Her alias is 'Nera' and she cares for the unfortunate and the different in the valley of Windtale, going against Temozarela's orders to do so. Nera poses as a gypsy dancer that travels along with a circus filled with physically disabled or social outcasts.

It is revealed that in heaven she tried to stop Temozarela from accessing heaven's exit, and in response had her wings ripped off. She asked to be killed as she was torn between her love for God and her secret attraction to Temozarela, born of her pity for his fate. Her life was spared and she joined Temozarela's angels. However, on Earth after seeing the young orphan Dana (whose sight she eventually took away), Netraphim decided to go back and make up for her sins.

Armand delivers his masters word to Bendo saying that her defiance is all well and good, that Temozarela will not punish her for it as long as her conviction is set but if she so much as utters a single word of regret or remorse she will be destroyed.


For the moment it seems that her powers are to do with illusions, aside from her spirit wolf Bendo. Wanting peace instead of violence she makes herself mortal and destroys the significance of Windtale, pronouncing her defiance against Temozarela as she did with God to dissuade Ivan Isaacs from his quest, however Ivan just replied he will raze it to the ground regardless.

When her "family" is killed, betrayed by one of their own, she allows herself to be hanged by angry townspeople. Before she dies, Temozarela comes to her and offers her a place by his side, provided she declares her regret at ever existing. However, she refuses him and is killed, leaving Windtale without a guardian and another of Temozarela's strongholds destroyed. Beforehand she told Bendo he was free, and it is unknown what fate reserves for him and any potential impacts he may have on the story later on.

Her sacred site is Windtale which she protected instead of plagued.

Temozaraela rips off Netraphim's wings.

Netraphrim has her wings torn off by Temozaraela after she tries to stop him from leaving Heaven.

The seduction of Netraphim

Netraphim, in her despair over her loyalty to God and love for Temozaraela, is seduced by the fallen angel's promises.

Nera debut

Netraphim's/Nera's debut with her wolf, Bendo and her designation on the Black Circle.

Uv12 046

Nera revives Bendo.