Graphic novel vol 1

Priest: Volume 1, released by Tokyo Pop, is written and drawn by creator Hyung Min-woo. It's 178 pages long and in black and white.


Evil and darkness lurks out in the west, and it threatens every living thing on the planet. Those who worship the archangel, Temozarela, are brainwashed and are nothing more but little minions carrying out horrifying and unbelievable tasks. The only man who stands a chance against them is Ivan Isaacs, who is a fallen priest. Torn by vengeance and pain, he sold his soul to the devil, Belial. Although he is now able to fight the evil that Temozarela is preparing for the world, Ivan is becoming more and more of the monster Belial is hoping for.

This is the beginning of a dark tale of vengeance, lost faith, violence, and a lost love...

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