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Vascar De Guillion was a Templar Knight who fought in the Crusades. He was a vicious and well renowned warrior that was respected by his army and the Pope alike. While away on a campaign, De Guillion learns of his wife and daughters' death. His wife contracted a plague, but the doctors and priests said she was possessed by the devil. As a remedy, they burned de Guillon's castle with his family inside. Stricken with grief and anger, Du Guillion began to question his faith in God after all he had done in God's name. Vascar De Guillion goes mad with rage and takes his men on a bloody crusade. He discovers a hidden underground cavern and comes upon the giant statues of an imprisoned Temozarela and his disciples. Temozarela, taking advantage of Du Guillion's grief and anger, explains how he and Vascar were both betrayed by God. In his fury, he gives his body to Temozarela who releases his angels and uses them to possess Vascar's knights.

Bad news
Death of the family
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Vascar stumbles upon Temozaraela's gigantic statue.

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Vascar inquires about Temozaraela's imprisonment.